Finding Fun Horse Games To Play

Now, there are plenty of fun horse games to play for all levels of horse lovers. Aside from playing with real horses, you can also choose to play horse games on your computer. This is a great news especially for those who have no riding experience or skills.

Club Games

You may or may not belong to an equestrian group. Unlike what many people may think, this traditional type of game is still popular. You can play traditional slow paced races, obstacle jumping or relay games. You can also play contest games to see how well riders have trained their horses to respond to such commands as bend, turn or canter. Equally enjoyable horse games are grooming and horse leading.

You should always remember though that safety should be your priority with actual games. Make sure that the games fit the skill of the riders who are playing and that you have the right space that can accommodate horses at play. Most of all, you should have horse experts around who can readily respond to emergencies.

Online Games

As it costs money and time to play with real horses, many horse lovers have turned to online games as an alternative. There are a great variety of games to play. You can sign up for paid membership so you can have unlimited access to horse games. There are also free sites that will allow you to play online or download games. You also have the option of playing by yourself or playing with other registered players.

Many find that online horse games are more varied and provide more fun. You can settle for simple puzzle, drawing, memory or grooming horse games. You can also opt for more competitive racing or show jumping games in which you choose your own horses and compete with other players.

If you are looking for even more challenges, you can pick games that require you to plan for your own horse or horses. There are many different games like these. The best ones will let you look after your horse from its youth until it becomes big enough to ride. In these games you are responsible for everything your horse will ever need from food to its gear. There are even some games that will let you look after more than one horse until you have enough horses to have your own stable. You can then choose from any of your horses for a race or some other contest.

For game players, online games are much safer and you can play any time you like. They also allow you to meet and interact with new people everyday. Some players eventually learn the value of responsibility and organizational skills through these online games.

It would be a good idea to find out what other players think of a particular game first before joining. There are some sites that offer player perspectives on some games. Check these out to discover which games are worth your time.

No one can answer for your what are the best horse games to play. Different people just have different preferences. However, as long as you are a horse lover, you are definately able to find the ones you will enjoy.