Sonic Games To Play Online

Sonic games are the new name in the internet for free online games to play online, for both, young and more mature audiences. With increased interest, reflected mostly in the amount Google searches on the rise month by month.

Known by fans as the ‘blue blur’, Sonic the Hedgehog has migrated from the SEGA game cartridge to the web with great success. The early Sonic video games have been remade in a flash platform, full of action, adventure and excitement. They have been found irresistible by the young crowd.

The tool used for the development of these games in the web is Flash, developed by Macromedia in 1996. Thus, the title of some of the games, such as “Flash Sonic”, or “Ultimate Flash Sonic”. Developers have been able to capture the adventure and excitement of Sonic the hedgehog games and offer them online, on entertainment websites dedicated to free flash games, including sonic games.

The Sonic game character is full of energy, known for fast animation speeds, jumps, flips and other exiting moves that combined with a background of hills, slopes, caves, become the recipe for endless hours of fun and adventure online. Some websites even offer the possibility of scene creators, where players get to design where and how to play sonic games, draw the sonic character, and play the latest sonic games online.
So what is the attraction of this unlikely hero? The many games show this speedy blue streak confronting enemies protecting his friends fighting the bad guys. Pitting his wits and speed against great names like Rouge and Cream and Shadow. Along with his friends Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit and Rose the Cat, Sonic Flash games are magical, taking you forward through more complicated and exciting levels, increasing difficulty, moving on from zone to zone revealing quirky new game avatars and pushing your skills to the limit.

Sonic Flash game players list Ultimate Flash Sonic, Super Smash Flash as being amongst those Sonic Flash online games which are the most played and well loved, but there are many, many more to chose from to try. The latest of them all being “Sonic Smash Brothers”, a favourite of online sonic fans. Most Sonic flash games can be played free and the internet will list numerous sites. Try out a few and get hooked by this little blue whirlwind. You will often find sites for Sonic flash games which not require a lengthy and registration so you can get straight to the challenge at the level you want. Whether you’re new into the ‘blue’ or a Sonic Flash fast mover the draw of the games will heave your adrenalin levels, your speed skills and reflexes.

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